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The Client

At Gogans Insurance Brokers, clients are the main focus of their business. Their goal is to provide each of their clients with a professional, personal service centring on individual needs.

Gogans Insurance Brokers have been dealing with Commercial and Personal Insurance & Financial Services for over 36 years, they believe in providing a superior service to their clients while offering professional advice with a human touch.

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The Brief

The client wanted to completely overhaul their website with a slick new design while maintaining their key logo and branding. This required taking an existing logo and colour scheme and applying it to a new and modern design. By taking the existing format and incorporating new images, designing a new set of iconography and applying the colour scheme we were able to create a brand new look and feel to the website without changing its existing identity and retaining customer recognition of the established brand.

A key aspect of this project was mobile responsiveness, we wanted the new design to carry across multiple devices and ensure the exciting new look was apparent whether being viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop while always being easy to use. We felt confident that we achieved these goals and the client was highly satisfied with the end result.

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Gogans Insurance Brokers
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