3 ways your website capitalises on word-of-mouth

3 ways your website capitalises on word-of-mouth - binate digital | web design

The best way for your business to capitalise on word-of-mouth is with a modern, dynamic website that increases trust with outstanding design.

Some industries run on word-of-mouth. One of the most common questions we get asked when first meeting a client from one of these industries is “if our business comes from word of mouth is there really a need to prioritise our website?”. The short answer is YES!

Granted, word-of-mouth is the holy grail of marketing. Nielsen’s research shows that 92% of customers trust word-of-mouth above all else, so if you’ve got a strong reputation, then you’re onto a good thing. But research conducted by online customer service experts, Synthetix, shows that 91% of consumers will check a business’s website before calling or emailing. But if you don’t have a website? They might not call at all.

A website capitalises on word-of-mouth

Why does a business that depends on positive word-of-mouth need a website?

1. It increases trust.

Few things matter more in business than trust. A personal recommendation certainly gives you a leg-up in the credibility department, but that’s not always enough. Having a website shows an enquirer that you’re a legitimate business they can trust.

2. It gives more information.

Word-of-mouth may be valuable but it’s not always comprehensive. Not every referral will include a detailed customer review, cost estimate, and contact details. Sometimes all a would-be customer knows is your name. They’re still left wondering what you offer, what distinguishes you from the competition, and how to get in touch with you. A website is by far the best way to give potential customers the information they. In fact most users these days will take a good website for granted, but they will immediately react to a bad website, usually by leaving it!

3. It’s easier to remember.

Even in the off-line world, web addresses beat phone numbers just for sheer memorability. Imagine a satisfied customer is taking a road trip with a buddy, raving about what a fantastic job you did for them, on-time and under-budget. How are they going to put them in touch with you? Probably not by dishing out your phone number, right there on the spot. People can instantly communicate to each other online now and as a result nobody remembers phone numbers anymore . More often than not, they’ll give your web address or tell them to “just google you”.

Conclusion: it’s about trust

There’s a common theme here: trust. Would-be customers are looking for somebody they know they can trust to get the job done. Designed well, a website will give you credibility, reassuring the customer that you’re the right person for the job and even prove that you have done it before. A word-of-mouth recommendation gets them thinking about your business; a beautiful modern website gets them making contact with you.

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