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Dan & Monstro is an innovative, exciting new Irish food brand producing award winning sauces that have a high vegetable and nutrient content! This project required the design & development of a new website to help them stand out from other mainstream competitors.

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Binate Digital were asked to design and develop a new website to help them stand out from other mainstream competitors. The final design reflects the messaging of the brand which is the importance of nutritious food as well as the importance of family cooking & dinner times. The addition of a recipes section, under each sauce, where users can view various choices of how to cook with the sauces pushed this messaging forward & allowed the site to become more than just a brochure site to a hub of family style recipes. The end result was a website that captured the essence of the Dan & Monstro brand with clear UX/UI & a bespoke design.

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Dan & Monstro
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